27 March 2017

A Fragment of Solara's March 2017 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible

The Blueprint of the New Reality

March will bring us huge waves of Quantum Surf, both on personal levels and for us as a collective. We can already feel the energy building up for this. As we now know, all shifts aren't necessarily easy or pretty. They demand us to constantly take off the distorted glasses of duality and look BEYOND all outer appearances. Quantum Surf challenges us to continue to be ultra alert of where we place our focus.

There's the feeling that our entire landscape, both inner and outer, is being greatly reconfigured, even though some things may outwardly appear to be the same as before. Every month of this year brings us more elements which are On the Line. We know that we have already gone well past the Point of No Return.

Before, we might have had a well ordered, somewhat predictable, life; now it feels like almost anything could happen at any time. This makes us feel extremely unsettled and requires us to be ultra aware at all times. Many of our comfortable, normal daily habits are being broken and our complacency is being continually shattered. But just like being freed from a prison, this also makes us feel more awake, excited, energized and alive!

Because of the profound changes occurring and the barrage of jarring energies we are experiencing daily, we may find it tricky to navigate through our continually transforming landscape. Using our expanded perception, we need to constantly develop new skills and new "Out of the Box" solutions in order to get through each day. We need to set our coordinates to Stepping Free of Duality and Fully Inhabiting the New Reality. It also greatly helps when we put our focus on the world we want to create, rather than on all the things that we know are wrong in duality.

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