10 March 2017

Conscious Media Festival Notes: Pure Creativity and the Creator State of Consciousness ~ Sandra Walter ~ 8 March 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
I had the honor of speaking at the Conscious Media festival in Austin, Texas last weekend. Festival Creator Giselle Koy launched a brilliant platform with this inaugural event. It was wonderful to witness the emergence of a new tribe of truly heart-based beings focused on manifesting conscious content through various creative mediums.

The topic was Pure Creativity, and we shared some Mastery practices which would assist creatives as the energies shift to support our service work. I promised to share my notes here, and there is also a facebook live version of the talk shared on my facebook page.

Mastery Practices for Pure Creativity
Maintain the multidimensional perspective: We are witnessing and creating our transformation simultaneously.

Highest Intent
Honor your personal path of Mastery in thought, word, action and intent.

Write your Highest Intention statement, say it aloud as an invocation, as your Highest Self. Go BIG with your intentions. Align them with the Global, Galactic, Universal intent to amplify the timelines of Divine LoveLight.

Every creation begins with an intention. If you don’t consciously set your intentions, you are probably creating some else’s intention via your subconscious mind or emotional fields. Say your intentions out loud to set the energy into creation.

At this point in the timeline acceleration, everyone who works from pure intention, in alignment with the highest good of all, is greatly amplified. We are receiving new templates of Self to align us with the new energies; engagement with this level of awakening and Ascension is key. Your heart can generate pure magnetics of creation if you align with highest intent.

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