21 March 2017

Convergence: The Implosion of Past and Future ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 20 March 2017

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy Equinox! We are officially and rapidly approaching a final culmination point, a major m-f merger moment and the complete split between the 3D & 5D reality programs (timelines) that will initiate the final stage of embodiment for those ready, willing & able.

This is going to amount to one power. packed. season of change.

To facilitate an ascension on this or any planet is to first become ONE with it.

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The last 4 weeks were mostly spent floating-swimming-drowning in the void of our potential and yet SO unbelievably much is happening beneath the surface. Finally, the sun shifts into Aries today, the astrological new year begins, and those newly activated potentials will now begin to make their way to the physical world.

As we prepare to sow the seeds for this very new phase we are also witnessing the stunning emergence of our new template for new life experience. We have been opening, deepening and preparing for the full activation of this template since last Easter/equinox by finalizing all karmic contracts and unifying all remaining duality within.

Those who prevailed thru this VERY thorough, 12 month period of preparation are now beginning to birth the brand new creations and experiences that are based on the patterning of perfection inherent to our divine blueprint, that which houses our soul’s true identity as well as our personal contribution to the world as LOVE.

The Adam Kadmon template is the requisite, map and support for the final stage of embodiment that follows the completion of the resurrection phase and facilitates our cellular alignment/attunement with the soular/christ Self. (more on that in the sections below)

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