19 March 2017

Crescendoing Echoes from a Recent Past

Sanjay Sonawani ~ Fine Art America
Some personal thoughts, from my own perspective only.

Crescendoing echoes from a specific period seem to reverberating through the crackling chaos that belie a paradoxical stillness which feels like a void packed with potential. The period to which I refer is, of course, the weeks leading up to the December Solstice of 2012.

I can already imagine many of you letting out an audibly loud groan or a hearty laugh, depending on what you had allowed yourself to believe in at that time :)

If you've been a long-time reader of this blog, you would know that I was in the first camp ~ the "Believers". In fact, that was the motivating factor for embarking on this blog, as I had no intention of being online prior to that ~ you still won't find my name on any other online medium apart from this blog....but enough said :)  ~ and as we got near that fateful day in 2012, the air was almost at bursting point with expectation of something HUGE.

It would seem that we are in that phase of again, where there is an enormous sense of a "Happening" (I'll call it that) when the Equinox dawns.

From my personal vantage, I would say that I've felt "something" building up in the past few weeks. There is a sort of anxiety but at the same time, a distinct knowingness of something hugely positive. I haven't felt the "all clear", but it's definitely feeling "lighter".

So, back to 2012. I will briefly summarise before I continue.

It's not that nothing happened. On the contrary - very crucial phases were initiated post-2012. I believe Corey Goode summed it up perfectly when he interrupted David Wilcock to say that something did happen, but not what we were expecting (in "The Antarctic Atlantis"). I am personally convinced, post-2012, that we broke free from a huge timeline loop and propelled ourselves onto a positive timeline; this is something I've adequately addressed in the past.

I'm bringing 2012 up again because of the various reports coming out about a "Happening". The information varies slightly as to what will happen, but they all state that some major shift of some kind is slated to occur over the Equinox. Are we experiencing the same sort of build-up as the one we experienced prior to the 2012 December Solstice? Is this just hype?

One very Beautiful Soul was spot on when she reasoned that if the reports were nothing but hype to​ raise our expectations and therefore create the potential for something highly positive to manifest, then so be it. I completely agree. I even wrote about that in 2013 when I made myself revisit 2012 (posted here). If hype was required then to raise our vibrations to a sufficiently high level so that we could co-create ourselves out of a looped timeline, and if hype is equally required now for us to make a quantum leap in consciousness, then turn on the hype and let's maximise our vibe!!

Meanwhile, those high-pitched tones are getting higher and louder, taking on a more complex chord structure. I've been very pleased with myself for being able to tune them out over the past few years, but recently they've become harder to ignore (and can feel uncomfortably loud at times). Some say that these high pitched tones are scalar frequencies, but I would disagree, at least from my current point of view. They've always felt benevolent to me, since the time I became aware of them some years back. This benevolence became evident to me during the unpleasant time when I had to be in a city I didn't like, attending to family matters. While there, I became acutely aware that I could no longer hear the high-pitched tones. I'm quite convinced that those frequencies were cancelled out by scalar interference. The high-pitched tones returned once I left the city behind.

Anyway, enough rambling on my part. See you later for the Ascension Meditation, and on Monday for the Equinox Meditation :)  Let's pour forth our Divine Magic and create those miracles that are waiting to manifest!

Namaste and Blessings!

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