18 March 2017

Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope: Swirling Equinox Energies ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 17 March 2017

Source: Wake Up Experience

After a couple of energetically a bit quieter days, where we had time to process stuff and feel into ourselves what still serves us for our journey ahead, the energies are really building up again now. The freak show continues… This can feel super draining and intensifies the feeling of not being able to make any decisions (I had already mentioned in my last blog). Not only the physical body is overreacting and coming up with all kinds of ascension symptoms and old chronic stuff to let go of. No, in addition, we are challenged to get out of the head and into the heart. And with the energies right now, that is not so easy and can feel like walking on a tight rope

The tight rope in this analogy is representing the 5D timeline and to the left and to the right down on the ground are the 3D/4D timelines that are trying to suck us back in and throw us out of the flow again, while we are learning to take our first steps in the new 5D reality. We are shifting between trust and mistrust, light and darkness, overthinking and overemotional reactions to no-mind states and deep inner peace. Depending on where you are at in your journey, the portions of these two extremes can differ.
“Many are now realizing and clearly feeling that the old way of living is not working anymore and are pushed to move on and to jump into the unknown.”
Many are now realizing and clearly feeling that the old way of living is not working anymore and are pushed to move on and to jump into the unknown. Core wounds are now addressed and triggered in a way that they no longer can be ignored. Your soul is now pushing you through this, to prepare you for an alternative reality outside of duality. And shortly before this big shift, the sensation of duality increases within us, ready to implode and dissolve, once we are fully anchored in 5D. Along with all of that the ascension symptoms pick up again, the flu, throat issues, blurry eyes, heart palpitations, bloating, insatiable hunger for mostly heavy food and at the same time no desire to drink water. Old chronic ailments are showing up again in a very fast way, so that they cannot be suppressed to be able to let them go for good. Also here. Listen within. What does your body and system truly need? Learn to listen what your phyisical body is telling you. It is constantly communicating with you and supporting you in taking the right steps. Does it want to be active or passive, move or sit still, eat or fast…? 

Time Line Split is imminent

The timeline split is imminent beginning of next week with the Equinox on March 20/21, and that is why it feels like someone is pushing on the fast forward button – to make sure everything is cleared out before the big shift. Now, that does not mean that everyone will shift into 5d next week. We are simply presented with the opportunity to do so – we will reach that intersection point to switch our reality. And that is only possible, when fear patterns we still carry are completely dissolved and transformed.

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