03 March 2017

Energy Intelligence of First Source Creator ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 28 February 2017

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin

Every human body is animated by the energy-intelligence of First Source. Creator. This is the spark of life from the unchangeable First Source which allows each consciousness to be aware of their life on Earth while at the same time carrying on a multidimensional existence which goes back to Source. 
The Creator is that which connects all manifest reality, all life forms as an emanation from First Source. We are experiencing an expansion of consciousness accelerating our awareness as human beings within our universe. It acknowledges that reality of equality in oneness from which we came. 
The Creator is within all life and is not a god. There is a distinct difference. This difference has been corroborated in ancient texts from every continent, in every timeline on Earth.


  1. all this is very true
    and we are in the source now
    Anette Henning
    isarellajma bendulino

    1. Thank you, Anette :) Blessings