30 March 2017

Energy Update March 2017: Up-Levelling Your Frequency ~ Matt Kahn ~ 16 March 2017

Thanks to Cherylann Brown for posting this.

Source: True Divine Nature

Over the past week or so, I have intuitively sensed a palpable increase in crystalline light entering the energy fields of lightworkers worldwide. As I tune into this higher frequency, it feels like a time of energetic preparation for dramatic leaps forward in consciousness. It’s as if the external changes you’ve been dreaming to implement or act upon are being foreshadowed by the inner changes that must occur first. As a result, a variety of interesting symptoms are arising, as evidence of a global up-leveling in heart-centered frequency. Often times, the adverse symptoms are not signs of a lower vibrational reality, but indicative of how smooth or tumultuous of a time your energy field is having in synthesizing and integrating newer frequencies as outdated energies are purged.

With this up-leveling in frequency, many lightworkers are finding themselves with less of an appetite. As power is restored in the sacral chakra during this up-leveling process, digestion tends to become more sensitive or even compromised as the majority of your energy field works to integrate this amplified frequency. During this time, you may oscillate between eating less than normal, being repulsed or repelled by food in general, having desires for juice fasting, developing greater food intolerances, or even suddenly shifting into more alkaline food choices. The more high frequency you become, the more food is honored as fuel for your physical vessel, instead of used as surrogate forms of emotional comfort. If long-standing layers of ego remain active in your field, cravings for sugar, alcohol, or various forms of addictive behavior can amplify as such layers unravel to make room for more light to shine through.

While not limited to food, as higher frequencies restore your personal power to your sacral chakra, you may also find yourself becoming more definitive and discerning toward the people and situations that you can’t stomach anymore. When feeling a sense of repulsion or judgment toward such characters or circumstances, it may indicate it is time to move on to greater horizons of experience. Whether it becomes a time to plan an exit strategy or simply move on altogether, digestion can be positively affected when trusting in the wisdom of your inner knowing.

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