11 March 2017

Exoconscious ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 10 March 2017

** Exoconscious: Aware of and responding to one's extraterrestrial origins and the ability for the human consciousness to connect with the multidimensional reality beyond the matrix. Exoconscious level of coherence, intelligent expression, creative insight and higher mind: Awake. 
That ineffable part of you which connects to the Cosmos and its inhabitants.
Aware of All That If and our relationship to that.        Elizabeth Trutwin **

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin

This is a time of action, and the action is to activate your light body to its purposeful role within your human instrument, and to share its higher light frequencies to the human emotional field. 

This is what it means to be "Exoconscious". It is obtaining that level of consciousness in Oneness on our Planet and Beyond.

This activity re-grids the collective heart and connective mind to the emerging culture of the one, unified planet moving in the upward spiral of the seven dimensional hypersphere in which all beings within its quantum and space-time presence are unified with the planet, and the planet with the Central Sun.

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