11 March 2017

Galactic Central Sun and Clearing Update ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar & Disclosure News Italia ~ 10 March 2017

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Galactic Central Sun. After the Pleiades 1 important update on the Galactic Central Sun and the beginning of the dissolution of Yaldabaoth we must, in our view, clarify the Galactic Central Sun matter.

We are in a very important moment, we are really getting closer to the Event almost unexpectedly, perhaps even without deserve it, or maybe it’s our humility to let us say so. However the energies are really flowing on our Planet and we must be receptive in the right way.

Gabriel Raio Lunar tells us that we are going to get a ray of Light from the Galactic Central Sun. We will try to clarify what could be reworking the old Cobra posts waiting for his update on the situation, which will surely come very shortly.

Please read on....

There's also an update on the clearing of the negative Plasma; the "Global Removal" has commenced, and is currently at 6%.

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