02 March 2017

Gentle Reminder ~ ET 101 ~ Diana Luppi / Zoev Jho

Gentle Reminder

Some of you are probably wondering why such a torturous route was chosen to
get to the desired destination. The reason you are wondering this is because you
have been on this  planet  too long and have absorbed some,  if  not  all,  of  its
dysfunctional thinking.  Keep in mind that this planet  is no model  for rational
thought, and that what passes for sanity here is sending chills down the spine of
the remainder of the universe.

The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of the planet is in order to legitimately
disarm its patterns. Any other method would constitute an invasion, and we do
not invade. We alter by earning the right to do so. No entity is permitted to enter
an alien world and disarm its dysfunctional patterns without having lived them.
That is in compliance with Universal Law, which we represent.

Although we have had transmissions  from many of  you,  screaming,  "Invade
already. Just get me out of here!", we regretfully remind you that that is not what
you signed up for. Getting out of here is not the point. Getting more light  into
here is. Remember?                               

 ET 101 ~ Diana Luppi / Zoev Jho  www.et101.net

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