07 March 2017

Great Tribulations = Great Tests ~ Jelaila Starr ~ 27 February 2017

It's been quite a long while since I last kept up with Jelaila's updates....

Source: Nibiruan Council

Have you ever noticed how the universe moves to put you in the right place, with the right opportunity, along with good support for your next mission assignment?.  Sometimes we only see it in hindsight, but if you’ve been on the ascension path for a while you learn to recognize it when it occurs.

The universe has been hard at work in my world. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had most of my days free to do well–nothing. At first I didn’t understand why but now it is clear.  Day after day I’ve received the most profound insights.  The first batch were personal, and came in answer to my requests for help in clearing a few really painful, emotional wounds. (Might as well make good use of the down time, huh?)  My Mother’s Mirror, which I shared with you last week, was the result of one of the more profound insights on both a personal and global level as it involves healing the wounded feminine.  

A couple of days ago the insights changed.  Lo and behold I was hearing from my dear friend and spiritual guide Devin.  For those of you new to this work, Devin took me through mission training, as well as the 12 years of my mission.  On a galactic level, as I understand it, Devin is head of the 9D Nibiruan Council and acts as spokesperson for them.

It has been several years since I worked closely with Devin as I did during the mission.  As I developed a multidimensional mindset, he backed off the micromanaging.  Once the mission was completed in 2006, Devin stepped back even further, only connecting when he needed to deliver a message.  In the past few years, perhaps because I was going through intense grief, as part of my own spiritual work, that I’ve I heard from him even less. (Grief makes it difficult for those in other realms to reach us.)

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