08 March 2017

Ocean of Creation ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 7 March 2017

Aluna Joy mentions dreaming about water.....that was the same theme in one of my recent dreams as well, except that it was a pool or lake of water.

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Recent dreams are more vivid and very lucid. They are making me question upon wakening which reality is real. Even the wildest dream seems perfectly normal and feasible while in that reality. I have had three powerful and crystal clear dreams in three successive nights. All had a main theme of water, oceans and our power of creation.

We may not know where the new flow is quite yet, but I am feeling very guided in a new way; Not unlike a child learning to speak words they still have no meaning for, if that makes sense.

The first dream.... I was at the beach, and I looked out at the ocean. I saw a huge and perfectly pure wave coming towards me. It enveloped me, and I could not escape. I held my breath for as long as I could. But seconds passed, and I could hold my breath no longer. I breathed in the ocean like it was air. At first, it was a little scary, but then I fell into a deep peace. Then I woke up. As I woke, I wondered ... "Did I drown, or did I breathe in creation, or did this new creation merge with me."

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The next night I had another ocean dream and shed light on the dream from the night before. This time I was at the beach. There were other people and surfers riding the waves. I waded out into the glorious, bath water, warm ocean just as a 4-5 foot wave came toward me. In my mind I decided I didn't want to get pounded by this wave, but I expected it would hit me in the next second to two. The wave came to me, and it stopped right in front of me. The wave, on either side of me, crashed down as any ocean wave would. I was stunned as I reached out to place my hand in the still wall of water in front of me. It was then that I knew that it was my intent, to not be slammed by this wave, that stopped the wave from hitting me.

And as I wrote this, I remembered the fragments of the third dream. It is hard to explain this one properly, but I will give it a shot anyway as I think it is the key and a big trigger. I know this one also has to do with the two ocean wave dreams. In this dream, I was with a friend of mine, and we were working with a huge and complicated progression of linear math (numbers). We worked equations throughout creation itself and out to the furthest point possible. Then we became stuck like a dead end (Many feel like this right now). At this point, we had a calling to take out the linear format from these equations. When we did, there was a huge shift. We burst the bubble that opened the doorway into spherical time and a new way to live and create. We knew this was the door that we had been looking for. I woke up, and this dream faded quickly.

I had to share these as they have a lot to do with what is showing up for us now. The power of creation is in our intent, yet we feel like we have hit a dead end. Yet much is happening. Our outer world seems to be immersed in mass levels of uncertainly and confusion, but underneath, there is something really big brewing in us all. Are we about to finally step into our high octave creation modes in this human body?

We can see our bodies change, struggle and rise up very rapidly now. Our focuses are changing just as quickly, causing temporary waves of confusion and creating divisions. This is causing us to make different choices than we expected. And when we have clear moments, forward movement happens suddenly. We are beginning to physically rearrange and upgrade our material world right now. This is triggering another level of physical but temporary chaos. We are letting go, rebuilding and upgrading how we live and what we support. Nothing like being immersed in confusing, crazy energy to get really clear to what is not working. The chasm between what is not working and what is working is the door that we are looking for. And once in a while, we find ourselves falling through what appears to be an invisible door. For now, the universe is guiding us like new born babies that have no reference point to what we are entering into. We don't know the language, or the program, but we are certainly in the middle of the new wave of creation now!

Share your thoughts and inspirations here, as we do learn from each other, and we all hold keys to this new door.

Blessing to ALL
Aluna Joy.

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