14 March 2017

Personal Update 14 March 2017

This is "Just Me", no intel, no information, just me putting together some thoughts and feelings over the past 10 days since I last wrote an update (here). So....please read only if you are guided to do so, I have a feeling it would get rather long.

After I Wrote My Previous Update.....
Since then, I've heard from quite a few people about sudden or disruptive major challenges in their lives. Most of these incidents involve a loved one in some way. Thankfully, almost all cases saw some fairly swift relief at some level ~ may they all be fully resolved very shortly.

In Cobra's latest update ~ which was very much welcomed, thank you! ~ he reported severe attacks by the dark on key Lightworkers. While he had specifically mentioned "key Lightworkers", it is my sense that many other Lightworkers have also been affected. (I know that you know that my statement isn't about how "important" some LWs are than others.....we are beyond that tedious mind-set yes?) This has been made evident to me by what I've heard from others. I have no doubt that this sudden rash of personal chaos must be linked to the dark's actions.

In my previous update, I had cautioned that we need to pull out all our Spiritual Stops to stay safe. At that time, I was feeling very anxious and uneasy, and sensed something dark ahead. That was why I cautioned staying safe.

I feel that there's a bit more for us to navigate through, so please do continue to do whatever you can to be safe. It's much better, but it's not over.....yet. Just a little bit more to go.

I would also like to appeal to those who went through recent challenges to please keep on track and not let the adversities derail you. Easier said than done, I know. But it's so essential and utterly crucial that you keep on keeping on and never waver from your path. If the recent challenges were meant to derail us, and if we were indeed derailed, we need to get back on track and continue to weave our Divine Magic as often as we can, stay strongly connected with our Divinity and never let up on our inner work.

For Those With Dependants
I also would like to make an acknowledgement, which is long overdue in its expression. This is especially for those who have family members (including furry ones) who are dependent on them. To these super-brave Lightworkers, I acknowledge that your path is more challenging, especially if you have loved ones who are not awake or share your convictions. The journey can be interrupted regularly, setbacks can occur and there's a lot less time available to focus on spiritual growth.

Thank you for being strong, thank you for not giving up. Please don't ever berate yourself for doing something "wrong" whenever you read about someone's path (almost always someone with no dependants) that is full of bliss and free from worries, with the luxury of focusing on their spiritual growth 24/7. Just continue to do what you can while you straddle two different worlds. Having unconditional love and compassion to care for another who doesn't share your world, while you yourself pursue and enrich your own, is Divine in itself.

But At The Same Time....
There's no other way for me to say this ~ if you are in an independent/non-dependent relationship that is toxic or drains you, then it's time to extricate yourself. No more needs to be said.

"In Rome, Do As The Arcturians"
I've actually written about this before some time ago, but I'd like to address it once again, only because I seem to be seeing lots of it online. Remember that we are here to help change the world by first awakening and changing ourselves. We are not here to "accept everything for what it is" and being okay with it. We are not here to immerse ourselves in what the world has to offer, because what is being offered is exactly what we are trying to transmute. I recall Diana Luppi's absolutely fabulous ET 101 ~ "In Rome, do as the Arcturians." Obviously, everyone will have their own beliefs and perceptions, and my belief is that if we were to accept "what is", then we are doomed to remain in this reality. That is a thought that makes every cell in my being vibrate in indignant protest.

Equally vital to reconsider is the guidance from some that we don't need to do anything because all is perfect. To me, that is tantamount to saying "Don't worry, go back to sleep." I will counter that by saying what I've said too many times, "Every iota of Light matters, every Soul counts."

Beware The Ego Trap
This is something I've hesitated to say for the longest  time, but trust Lisa Renee to step up centre-stage and actually have the honesty and courage to write about it. I'm referring to her article "This Is How It Is", where she called out the growing egotism that seems to have robustly taken root in some Wayshowers and those who follow them. It's very sad to watch this happening. We have to be vigilant so that we don't fall into this trap ourselves. This is just as dangerous as those who wander into deep, dark and dank rabbit-holes and then seem to remain stuck there.

Sometimes, it's not easy for me to come right out and say what I feel I need to say, so when someone else talks about it, I feel very relieved and use it as reference. But I've said quite a bit today, and it's enough for now :)

Please continue to dazzle with your Beautiful Light, stay connected with your Divinity, and keep yourself safe. And remember that Self-Love! Namaste and many Blessings!

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