24 March 2017

Powerful Wave of Energy Strikes the Earth & Mt Etna ~ BPEarthWatch ~ 23 March 2017

BPEarthWatch reports a quantum spike in Solar Wind speed for a period of time on the 22 and 23 March (UTC?) ~ going up exponentially from the usual 300 km/second to 2.5 million miles/hour.

Or from 300 km/second to 1111.1111 km/second, based on the figure above. Interesting result..... The actual speed was 1151 km/sec.

Please watch this video here for more details.

He also links this phenomenon to the Mt Etna eruption. Here is the video, also from BPEarthWatch, of the incident, which includes the beam of light.

I know you don't need this reminder....anyway, let me just say that much of these New Energies are streaming in from the Great Central Sun (the Central Sun's Central Sun).

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