11 March 2017

Re-programming the Subconscious Mind ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 10 March 2017

Source: Rising Frequencies

The subconsciousness mind actually runs the show.  It is the hidden silent projector of our outer reality.  It creates obstacles for us that we are unaware of most of the time.

The subconsciousness mine is like water, very easily programmable.  When thoughts, which are like the wind blowing through your mind move over the water, your mind will become very disturbed and the individual will no longer have any clarity.

If you want to see yourself in a pool of water, the water has to be calm.  Same is true with our minds.  When we have too many thoughts running through our mind we can not see our reflection, and the monkey ego mind is in control.  We need to see ourselves to know who we are, and to be able to communicate with our higher selves to make correct decisions about our lives.  You can’t communicate with what you can’t see or acknowledge that  it exists. 

So many people think they are in communication with the highest aspect of themselves and they are not.  They are connecting with the ego mind, which is the lower aspect.  Their minds are still too busy to see clearly.  They are too busy to take the time to be still, and silent to calm the subconsciousness waters.  If the boat is always moving how can the water it sits on be calm?  It can’t….so stop rocking the boat.  

In order to tap into the clarity of our higher self, we need to be able to see our reflection in the water.  Our mind need to be calm.  When our mind is calm then the reprogramming can occur. 

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