11 March 2017

Secrets to Infinity: Parts I and II ~ Lisa Rising Berry & Andrea Covington Mullaney (Re-posted) ~ 21 February 2017

Some very inspiring research in these two articles, which I enjoyed reading.

Based on these two articles, it would seem that those who use the upright infinity loop visual (looping from Galactic Centre, through the Heart Centre and looping back from Mother's Core) in meditations are doing it correctly! The articles also reminded me of something called "The Assemblage Point", which synchronistically, I've been thinking about in recent days. I posted something about that here.

If Lisa and Andrea's research is correct, that would mean that the horizontal infinity loop (or Lemniscate) formed by the toroid when the energies are spun, is one we will need to move away from.

You can read Part I here, followed by Part II.

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