04 March 2017

Sobriety, and An Oops....

Paul Heussenstamm ~ Mandalas.com

I've fixed the Judy Satori oops....sorry about that ~ you should be able to correctly access the Energy Transmission now. The post is here.

I'd also like to write a bit more, post-Etheric Liberation Meditation. Of course, it's just my perspective and doesn't apply to all.

The one thing I hadn't mentioned that I should have, is that, despite the vision I had (of the rift being zapped and sealed) during the Meditation, I felt a sense of sobriety throughout the process. After reading the next morning about the critical mass being  successfully obtained, I was very relieved, grateful and encouraged. Still, the sense of sobriety persisted, until now.

I get the sense that the "serious stuff" is up ahead, and we will be going through it pretty soon. I won't elaborate more, because it's still not clear to me at this point how this "serious stuff" looks. I just feel that we will be required to step up and get down to real business. This is just the beginning of a very crucial phase, and we will need to be ready for what's next. We will also need to stay safe.

In the past week, I've heard from some who are going through challenging times. It feels that we are extremely close to hitting rock bottom ~ once there, all Heaven will break loose and we will rapidly escalate upwards. I may be wrong, but over the next few days, we will need to pull out all our Spiritual Stops to ensure that we remain safe....plenty of Self-Love and staying in a Heart-Centered higher vibrational state is imperative.

Please look after yourselves, and stay well. Namaste and Blessings!

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