28 March 2017

Solar Activity Update ~ Aluna Joy Yax'kin ~ 28 March 2017

Another Solar energy brief, this time from Aluna Joy. The image above is current at time of posting.

Source: Aluna Joy

It seems our work to send unconditional love is being met with some strong solar energy and recent northern lights. In spite of the huge magnetic spike today, I am doing better than usual! This is a clue we are truly learning to use universal forces to uplift earth and humanity.

Still ... You might want to stay out of any drama today. Do not allow your emotions to derail you. You might feel grumpy, uncomfortable in your own skin, agitated or just plan tired. Personal issues will appear to be larger than they really are. Breathe, step back and allow the energy to dissipate before you act. Be extra kind to everyone, as no one can escape a magnetic storm, and we have no idea how our interactions with others truly effects them.

Blessing to all.

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