02 March 2017

The Etheric Liberation Meditation Report: My Own Comments

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It would have been better to post this with Cobra's report, but I wanted to get it out as quickly as I could, and I didn't wish to dilute the significance of his very important update with my own comments.

These are just my thoughts, no additional intel or relevant data here.

** Comments:
It's great that Cobra referred to the spike in the Schumann Resonance, which I was super-delighted to see the next morning after the meditation (10:55pm my time). I check the Space Observing System site regularly (and post them here quite often too!) so at least I know their data is fairly accurate.

I had briefly mentioned what I saw during the meditation when I posted Cobra's preliminary report. Now I will give more details about it.

Guided meditations sometimes don't work very well for me, because there are instances when images come in and I end up focusing on those instead. For the Etheric Liberation Meditation, the main vision I saw was quite inspiring and as usual, quite unexpected.

Just minutes after the meditation started, an image quite similar to the one above appeared. If you're familiar with Doctor Who, you may recognise that image as "The Crack", which is a sort of "time energy" that writes/unwrites history.

What I saw was something that looked like that, except that there was a golden diamond Light coming in and zapping the rift (that's why I used the word "zapping" when I first wrote about it in Cobra's preliminary report). This Light came in, zapped the rift, and sealed it shut.

"The rift in the auric energy field above Congo has been sealed." (from Cobra's latest)
I'm really glad that Cobra confirmed what I saw.

Cobra also refers to that (in)famous and much-maligned incident that allegedly took place in 1977, via a message that interrupted Southern TV's broadcast. I've always felt that it was a positive force behind the message, although many have said it was a tactic by the dark. That incident always reminds me of Klaatu's own message in "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

I so look forward to the day when we get messages of Truth like this streaming through ALL the TV and communication devices across the Planet!

On a final note/thought.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's continue with the meditations. Let's do our best to spread the call for this Sunday's event, and let's get to critical mass again!! Let's shine so bright we'll bedazzle everyone awake! See you then....

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. I saw the rift close too!! What I saw was like giant blackhole type rift in the congo area and then I saw the hole get smaller and smaller until it just disappeared and the whole planet was burning violet/blue. Crazy colors! It happened really quickly as well. It seemed as if it was only 10-20 in my visuals and it had completely collapsed. I also knew we were going to be successful even before we did it.

    Great to hear you had similar visuals and feelings about it all. I also noticed the charts that morning, too! You could clearly see it was directly related to what we were doing. Now I know how to read that graph better, thanks to cobras small insights! Super intense and exciting times! And I'm so thankful you continue to have the energy to update the site on a regular basis! I visit every single day!

    Thanks so much, Grace - Much love to you!

    - Justin

    1. That's great, Justin! I've read that someone else had a similar vision as well, with minor variations. I believe that we each saw what was happening through our own filter, but it was real for sure :)

      Thanks for your encouragement, much appreciated! We have so much to look forward to :)
      Love and Blessings