28 March 2017

The Veil has Lifted ~ Jen Dundee ~ 13 March 2017

I've come across quite a few sources saying this same exact thing in recent weeks, but this is the first one I'm posting.....somehow I like her energy although I'm new to Jen Dundee.

If true, this is indeed a giant leap forward! We've previously heard about "cracks" in the Veil, and a few months ago one source even announced that it had been taken down (not!). So, I leave this to your own inner guidance, please.

Watch Jen talk about the removal, and what to expect, here.

**Note: Interestingly enough, I did a quick check on the energy situation around this timeframe of 12 - 13 March and found that it tied in to this:

and what Cobra reported in his post-Taiwan Ascension Conference report:


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