01 March 2017

The Week That Should Never Be

This is just me, sharing some thoughts and experiences, although ultimately, it really isn't about me.

As previously mentioned, I was away for more than a week to attend to time-sensitive family matters. I knew I would be in for a real test of my sanity and consciousness. I also knew, with a huge sense of dread, that I wouldn't have the safe and sacred sanctuary of my home at the end of a long day "out there". I would be with very mainstream and sound asleep people, practically 24/7, in a city that I never liked from my first visit there a decade ago.

It felt like I was entering hostile territory, and believe me when I say that I was constantly reminding myself to remain in high-vibe mode, visualise myself being cocooned in my Light field, stay Heart-Centered and connected with my Divinity.

It was a week that should never be.

From the very start, I could already feel the dense and oppressive energies that hung heavy over the city and its generally youthful and very successfully programmed population. I actually felt like crying when I realised the degree of conditioning there, and how in-tranced they were by the trappings of what the city had to offer. I myself live in a city larger than this one, so I was well aware of what people are subjected to ~ and yet, the level and extent of programming I saw (and sensed) there horrified me. There was clear evidence of a ubiquitous lifestyle and homogenous thinking, wrapped in consumerism, comparison and competition.

On the 4th day, my skin protested by breaking out in rashes, with eczema patches on my legs as a bonus.

By the 5th day, I was decidedly grumpy and unhappy. I had to work harder to get into my Heart Space and stay in a high-vibe state.

The eve of my departure saw me welcoming a brilliant sight in the morning sky, which was filled with beautiful Sylphs (image above). That was indeed a much-welcomed event! However, after just a couple of hours, they had disappeared, only to be replaced by menacing-looking long, parallel streaks of "clouds" (scalar?). As if this was an omen, I later lost my overstretched patience totally with a couple of family members when I had enough of constantly having my truth trampled on and dismissed.

I left for home sweet home the next day, not caring one iota what they thought of me, and extremely grateful to be out of that city. No doubt they had the satisfaction of validating amongst themselves that I had become weirder and more insane over the years.

Anyway, as I said at the beginning, this isn't really about me although I'm briefly relating some personal experiences. Notwithstanding the political farce and fracas currently playing out all over the world, I am utterly and totally convinced that the lower density existence is now certifiably stark raving mad. It literally looks and feels worlds apart. I am equally convinced that I have zero capacity and sub-zero desire to interact with it. I do have family commitments that pull me into this insanely inauthentic existence regularly, and I do deal with it as best as I can, but that doesn't prevent me from feeling a huge disconnect with that existence.

From my personal communications, I know that some of us straddle two very contrasting existences, due primarily to jobs and/or unawake family members. It's like living two separate lives. This situation is one that we deal with daily, balancing our commitments to both family and personal spiritual focus, which are exclusive of each other. We do our best to be of "this world" but not in it, and there are times when this can get really hairy. The main safeguard we have is our own safe and sacred sanctuary where we can immerse ourselves in our spiritual practice, and if this isn't available or quite impossible to do, our own inner work will be impacted.

My main intention and biggest desire is for Planetary Ascension, with Humanity in tow. That's the theme and purpose of this blog, as many of you know. The week that should never be has only served to galvanise how I feel about it. Humanity needs to turn around pronto, because what I saw looked pretty bad. And I'm not talking about some situation where physical atrocities are taking place or where people live under sub-human conditions (although this is perfectly debatable) ~ this is supposed to be a "normal" situation, a city where people live out their daily lives.

Our Etheric Liberation Meditation was a resounding success, as Cobra has thankfully informed us (and yes, we are waiting for more details.....no pressure, Cobra....). May this lead to more and more positive outcomes in very accelerated timeframes. I can't help but feel we are fast running out of time.

Meanwhile, as always, let's continue to walk our talk, let's keep going, let's do whatever we can to make a difference (and we are!!).

Namaste and Blessings!

**Note: Some may feel this is way too much information, so I'm appending this at the end so that you can choose to skip it if you don't wish to continue reading :)

As I mentioned earlier, I had eczema patches on my legs. Curiously, this one looked like a heart. I have no idea what the significance is, if any.....


  1. Dear Grace,

    'Love is the absence of judgement.' - The Dalai Lama - And, I am still far from practicing this perfectly, but here is what I have gleaned from experience over the years.

    The amount of pain we feel in any environment is in exact proportion to how much resistance we are creating towards what we are experiencing.

    We have to love everything around us in a compassionate - not personal - manner, maintain a sense of humor and just let everything and everyone be what they have to be for now.

    Learning how to smile and keep private what was most important to me with those who 'are not there yet' was vital to my survival... and it was only after many painful experiences through my own resistance that I learned to smile, make a joke out of it and keep my own counsel.

    Sometimes, even with those who were supposedly 'in the know' because we all know things in different ways on the surface - even though we are all connected subconsciously!

    So, walking the middle path means not taking sides, and polarizing with that which we do not feel comfortable. We can only love them at the level where they are and find ways to appreciate them in spite of themselves.

    However, I can relate, because I still tend to tighten up every time I call my mother or sister, but if I relax, love them and let them be, sometimes I can drop a pearl or two that they will accept - but only if I am totally detached from whether or not they will accept or understand what I am conveying.

    Love & Hugs & Many Blessings...

  2. PS... I feel the message in the heart shaped rash is to love what is 'toxic' in your life and transmute it with compassion.

    1. Wise counsel, Shaunie, thank you <3 "Love is always the answer."

      I also feel that I have to stand in my own truth, especially if I'm pressured to conform to other people's beliefs.

      I actually got (recently) that I had forgotten to love myself during that testing period, hence the rash, heart-shaped. I had put aside my own feelings and went along with the "crowd" instead of following my inner guidance.

      Thanks again for your thoughts :) Blessings and Namaste