16 March 2017

Those Dips.....


It's good to see that a public figure like Aluna Joy has also posted the unusual "dip chart" in her fb page (here). I'm still unable to locate any source that explains this occurrence, which is still ongoing as I write. Aluna thinks that it could be some sort of portal reboot.

As mentioned in my previous post (here, also with more charts), I first noticed these dips on the 5th. They weren't very pronounced then, but has since become "deeper" (see current chart, above).

Shortly after posting about these dips, a few people wrote in to say that they had also noticed them. A dear Soul said they were like heartbeats, which never occurred to me before. That observation led me to feel like Mother Gaia is doing the Lamaze breathing, with a sort of "contraction" or birth pang on Sunday, when the Schumann Resonance went full-on for almost 24 hours (here).

While I post these charts regularly here when there is unusual activity, I won't for a second pretend I understand what's going on. Whatever I offer as probable explanations are just that...."probable". I can sense the activity more than I can understand them consciously :)  So I always appreciate it when people tell me their views. For now, I'm still waiting for some explanation about these dips. Obviously, they are happening for a reason.....one that we can only guess at for now.

The GOES X-ray Flux chart reveals that a sort of counter-measurement is also occurring at the same time. Again, I have no idea what this means.

Meanwhile, the Schumann Resonance chart registers a fairly quiet situation:


  1. Hi, Grace!

    Interesting stuff! I've been keeping an eye on these too--and was wondering what they were. They happened again today and yesterday. What I thought was super interesting was that they seem to be occurring at 10 o'clock, a.m. and p.m. I'd love to know what's up with those!


    With Love,



    1. It's about 6pm my time.....still ongoing as I write. I still can't find any explanation for them online. I can't believe that no "official" or "expert" has noticed this pattern!

      Somehow, we'll get to the bottom of this. No pun intended :)

      Blessings, Grace