02 March 2017

Transmission Gifts from Judy Satori ~ Beyond Regenesis ~ 2 March 2017

Here are two transmissions from Judy Satori, taken from her Beyond Regenesis event in Sydney. Judy's website: www.judysatori.com

This is the accompanying description:

From Judy in Sydney

On Monday I completed the “Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration” at
St. Joseph’s Retreat Centre in Sydney. This new work is unlike anything I have ever done and involved DNA recoding work at a very deep level. This Fundamentals course is building three foundational levels of a nine step pyramid of physical transformation. The complete pyramid and body of work to do with physical regeneration and DNA recoding will take place over three years. This is step one. 

I want to gift you with the two audios below. The first one is from the Friday evening introduction session at St. Joseph's. The second is a short energy transmission that pushes delete on behaviors where we sabotage ourselves by not exercising or eat foods that do not support our health. It was a transmission that was requested of Spirit by someone who attended the retreat last weekend.
Love and blessings,

Here for the first track (Sydney Session Introduction) and here for the second (Energy Transmission).

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** Energy Transmission link fixed....sorry for the oops!

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