13 March 2017

Updates from Disclosure News Italia ~ 12 March 2017

A few updates on the Disclosure News Italia site:

Yaldabaoth Clearing
Point Attractor in approach to Yaldabaoth – 12 March 2017 – 6%
Intensive Crystalline Operation in progress – 11 March 2017 – 6%

Pleiades 1 Messages

Sector 66Stil Pleiades 1

*Point Attractor

It is a kind of quantum device, a kind of attractor of negative forces. In a vision iy look like a small black hole opened at the center of the solar system, and I saw a tiny dense particles being sucked in. It is as an attractor siphon that cleanse the Solar System from impurities (negative forces). A large magnetic vacuum that draws them toward itself, everything that does not vibrate at a certain frequency it gets sucked.

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