08 March 2017

Venus Retrograde and the Divine Feminine ~ Celia Fenn ~ 7 March 2017

Primal Painter Light Worker Energy Art

Source: Celia Fenn

Venus Retrograde.....and the Divine Feminine.

Venus rules not only love and relationship, but also art, creativity and abundance.

As this retrograde gains traction, we may find ourselves also confronting issues about our creativity and our work. Is the work that we are doing expressing our Soul and its Creative impulses.

This is why so many people are feeling deep symptoms of discomfort in the Heart and Throat areas. What used to work for them in the old energy is no longer working. The Heart and Throat Chakras are under stress.

You are being asked to go within and connect with your Soul's deepest desires and find out what makes your Soul sing and what engages your Creative Passion.

When you do this you will connect with Beauty, Harmony and the Flow of Abundance. You will be re-energized and you will flow into Joy, Love and Deeper Meaning in your life.

Another adventure in another cycle of life and experience.

And so it begins......

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