29 March 2017

We Have Been Squeezed Out of 3D Now ~ Jennifer Hoffman ~ 28 March 2017

Please watch the video here for full details. Jennifer also mentions that the Veil is gone. This is the summary given by Jennifer Hoffman:

If you had a rough time last week and especially the weekend of March 25 & 26, this video explains why. We, meaning all of humanity, got squeezed through an energy portal that stripped a lot of 3D energy from our energy fields. It was like running a gauntlet though, very heavy energy. Also, as we're continuing to dis-integrate the 3D paradigms the forces that want 3D to stay are throwing everything at us. With all of the news of sex slavery, pedophilia, the corruption of our 'leaders', 3D is being rejected by humanity in a big way now, we're raising our frequency and vibrations, and that of the planet, exponentially every day. We got through it successfully though, even if it was a little painful. Now we're in the final week of March and the last few days of this intense 3 month power period that we have been in since January 2017. April should be a lighter month energetically...

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