17 April 2017

A Small Fragment of Solara's April 2017 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible


By the end of March, we either finished the projects we'd been working on or had to set them aside. It felt like much of what we had been working on disappeared almost overnight, and a whole new wave of totally unrelated creative projects immediately took their place. Now we are in the midst of shifting into a new gear.

April represents the final push to the summit which we will reach in May. It's similar to climbing a tall mountain such as Everest. We are now leaving the various base camps stretched out along the mountain. The push to the summit takes massive effort and requires our full focus. We have to utilize old skills that we have learned throughout many lifetimes and bring forth new skills which we didn't know that we had within us.

While making the final climb to the summit, sometimes we have to jettison old gear (empty oxygen and water bottles), old perceptions and expired behaviors. A critical part of this push to the summit entails removing ourselves from the old linear programming of duality, for if we don't, we won't be able to breathe the rarified air at the top of the mountain.

As soon as we begin our push to the summit, everything moves onto the Fast Track. Numerous situations present themselves which call forth our true mastery. This can be the most challenging part of our journey, for if we try to reach the summit by doing things in the old ways with our old attitudes, we won't make it. We have to make each step the truest step possible, for if we do, we shall not falter.

Once we arrive at the top of the mountain, we will be able to see many things that weren't visible before. The expanded, new vista is far beyond what we can presently imagine and fills us with enhanced clarity. This is when we can know in the very cells of our being that we are no longer part of the old reality and that we are here on earth because we chose to go beyond the old paradigm a long time ago.

April is a super intense month that brings us CHANGE and more CHANGE on numerous levels. It's time to shift from being shocked, enraged or saddened by the events playing out in duality so we can be proactive. If we are constantly reacting to all the wrongs in the world, we are like pawns who get tossed this way and that in the wind. But when we anchor our beings BEYOND duality, we can bring about the changes in the world which are most needed.
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