24 April 2017

BE PRESENT – New Moon Taurus – April 28th 12:16 UTC ~ Andrew Smith ~ April 2017

Distractions ~ busyness ~ dreamlike ~ frustration ~ ready to pack it in ~ stillness ~ heightened senses....this article speaks to many. And as I came to the part about the birds, a chorus of enthusiastic chirping by the birds outside my place broke out!

Source: Cosmic Intelligence Agency

Be Present  – The New Moon in Fixed Earth
26th April 2017 at 13:16 BST, 12;16 UTC
It’s been a frenetic past few weeks – heart deep in reflection; mind stalled amidst a swirling tornado of busyness; emotions vacillating; spirit weary; energy levels stoic but drained; sleep disrupted; eating merely for sustenance; and the speed to which time has moved… And that is before you contemplate the scale of processing that has gone on! Old heart-scripts standing resolute in the face of a new heart-dawn; persistent thought-forms that cast the shadow of doubt over those fledgling promises you have made to engage in relationships that feel comfortable but not familiar; copious distractions in the form of tedious legislative and administrative speedbumps, minor as they are, lengthy to sort out; and the on-going battle to keep you in a constant state of fear and anxiety as the double-speak volume has been turned up on the various media outlets, in a world that is living through an echo of 1933/ 34.

Have you had a chance to remember that quintessential Aquarian activity – breathing deeply in and holding it before exhaling? I’d be surprised if you had the time as you ran through the fast paced, highly charged Arian landscape, this past month. Dreamlike, is something I’ve heard many clients mention to me – ‘so surreal’; ‘so weird’; ‘what’s going on’; ‘this can’t be happening’, along with comments of irritation and frustration of a world becoming increasingly bureaucratic, filled with people too frightened to think for themselves, lest they lose their jobs, hiding behind procedure and unable to apply common sense to issues that could be resolved so easily, yet creating so many insignificant tasks to perform, eating up so much time. 

Yet beneath the busyness, calling from deep within, you can feel a pull to step away from it all. Thoughts of packing it in, taking time away from the chaos, heading to the ‘hills’, going on retreat surface, immediately to be met by a monetary rationalisation and a pragmatic voice telling you to get real as you have a life to maintain. Yet, that quiet voice won’t dwindle. Earthy in tone, deep in resonance, persistent in frequency, both ancient and still, you can feel it resound through your entire being – a call to nature, a call to quieten, a call to re-engage consciously with the Soul of Nature. And so you give in and head to the hills. 

Everything feels so acute within this emerging new heart space, as your senses heightened. It is almost as if you are learning to reconnect to yourself, using your senses in a more discerning manner, as your sense of smell sharpens, enabling you detect minute changes in the air; your sense of sight becomes more perceptive as you watch the tells in the world surrounding you; your sense of touch becomes more responsive and your ear deepens, tuning more acutely into the nuances in tone, listening closely to the gap between words, that liminal space wherein the truth of another perspective lies. That has led to the exhaustion, coupled with the noise, the clutter and the busyness. And yet in this space, right now, you can feel need to embrace the stillness as you seek to calm your heightened senses.

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