03 April 2017

Cobra & Prepare For Change March 2017 Interview

The audio and transcript for the March 2017 Cobra & Prepare For Change is now available, please visit their site here.

My own comments follow below.

  • Cobra is adamant that nothing less than Full Disclosure unfolds
  • "Rapture" scenario is actually one of the later phases of Ascension ~ I could be wrong, but I think this is the first time Cobra has confirmed something like this. I remember reading somewhere (I really can't recall now, sorry ~ since I woke up this morning, I've been struggling to stay alert, everything feels very dream-like) that the plans outlined in World Evacuation Project per Tuella have now been revised because conditions have changed and improved since then
  • Antarctica is a distraction, Cobra reiterates that it's NOT Antarctica (geographically speaking, it can't be); on-going proxy war there between Galactic Confederation and Dracos
  • Again, Cobra emphasised ~ ONLY when Plasma Anamoly and toplets are removed can The Event be triggered. (Remember, their Kill Switch means destruction to the Planet/Humanity)
  • And once again, Cobra stresses that the Earth is NOT a school. There are better ways to learn lessons
  • Galactics have been and are still assisting Humanity; eg. radiation control in Fukushima
  • Souls now able to exit quarantine after physical death and continue their Ascension process
  • Schumann Resonance increases are positive but not indicative of The Event readiness
  • "Really significant" energy waves coming in near future.

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