12 April 2017

Elevants of the Light Communities Teach the Hungry ~ Gaia Portal ~ 12 April 2017

**Update: many thanks to those who pointed out I missed the last line. That's three oops in just one day.....

Source: Gaia Portal

Elevants of the Light communities teach the hungry.
Star Lighters come from the shadows.
Astras are conveyed and accepted, in full.
Flight paths are recognized.
Massive formations illuminate the Heavens.


  1. Brahmamuhurtha is a 48 minute period in every day which is considered very auspicious for meditation https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmamuhurtha

  2. Yes, Mercury and 3 other planets are retrograde for the rest of April and into May.

    Retrogrades turn the energy of a planet inward to do inner work, so there is less energy available to focus on outer things.

    Hope you are having a Blessed Day...

    PS... Just traced, faced and hopefully erased, the key 'family issue' that has been following me around all these years and haunting my reality.

    Those inward focusing retrograde energies surely helped the process. Whatever it was, I am so-o-o-ooo grateful. Now there is the potential to just love my family members - in spite of the dysfunctions still haunting them.

    PTSD runs so-o-o-ooo deep in my family... I am amazed that they have even managed to survive for this long. Bless them one and all...

    1. Oh I absolutely agree with you, Shaunie! We can't but love them unconditionally (although I admit, there are times "love" doesn't come into the picture, hahahh!), and I especially like that you pointed out how they have even managed to survive all this while. It must be a living hell for them sometimes.

      Love and Blessings

    2. PS. I'm glad things are better for you :)