08 April 2017

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 5 April 2017

Eric Raines clarifies some details pertaining to his recent update about a false light matrix being taken down. It was just "a" false light matrix, and not "the" false light matrix. Nevertheless, this one matrix was more "powerful" than the remaining 16 altogether.

"This means that the false light matrix that was removed was so massive,
that the 16 next largest systems can only occupy about 10% of the former's territory."

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Much has occurred since the last update, but first and foremost I would like to clear up some confusion associated with the last update pertaining to the false light matrix being dissolved. It was A false light matrix, not ALL of them.

Since then, a total of 16 of the biggest false light systems have usurped as much territory as they could from the previous false light matrix hooked into the white light reincarnation tunnel trap, and to some extent, they were successful.

Now, the magnitude of what is happening here is easily explained. After the initial dissolving of the incarnation trap false light system, the "tunnel of light" you see after dying was completely shut down. The 16 of the biggest false light systems have been trying to push back and reclaim lost territory, and the reincarnation moon matrix tunnel is operating at a 10% capacity.

This means that the false light matrix that was removed was so massive, that the 16 next largest systems can only occupy about 10% of the former's territory.

This is a HUGE victory, but this does not mean that the false light systems are gone for good. If anything, this means that they will be much more "in your face" and domineering as the weaker systems try to push into established territory, and because of these actions, they will become much easier to identify.

Pay attention to the actions of the messengers. Are they walking the walk, or are they just talking the talk? Do they coat their message in flowery illusions that direct you away from sparking your own internal connection to Source to become your own Guru, or are they empowering you with knowledge that you can directly go and apply to your life?

It always comes back to YOU dear one. What level of effort are you putting into your liberation? What level of research are you putting into your liberation? Who are you aligning yourself to? Are they in it for your liberation? Or does you being in a prison benefit them?

On other levels, team parasite has pushed back in a massive way. The dissolving of the false light moon matrix was a monumental step forward in the dissolution of the false darkness parasitical systems, and attacks on the planet, collective consciousness, individuals, animals and certain energetic frequencies were carried out by energetic, mechanical, physical, mental, and psychic sources all throughout the past week. The actual energetic work of removing these systems has fallen back into more of an effort required to dissolve them. They are still much easier to break through than even 2-3 months ago, but the concentrated attack on the surface population has resulted in enough Loosh energy to restore some of the foundational energies that the parasitic construct relies on.

Think sacrificing your mast to patch your ship. Ya, the water isn't coming in anymore, but you also aren't going to go anywhere. What we are watching is the parasitic construct beginning to sacrifice whole pieces of itself to save the core consciousness.

I am not going into much more specifics, simply because it is extraneous and a distraction from what is important and what needs our focus.

Right now, more than anything, the Earth needs our help. She needs our love. The veil has cut her off from full Galactic Consciousness for time immemorial. The only connection she has to Source is through her children. Us.

Breathe deep into your body, focusing on relaxing your musculature, opening up your blood flow, and cleaning out any physical toxicity with gently, clean, pure breaths of chi, flowing blood, oxygen, nutrients, stem cells and minerals through any areas tight, tense, painful and sore.

Focusing on the breath in this manner for 5-10 minutes will allow your channels to open, to allow clean, strong chi flow through. Once in a clear state of relaxation, attune your chi to the Golden Frequency, lighting up your body like a human shaped sun. Breathe more light into yourself, connecting every part of you from the tips of your hair to your toenails in brilliant Golden Christ-Consciousness energy.

Reach up physically with your hands, and turn your radiance into a beam of light, almost like you are shining a flashlight up through the sky. Push and push until you feel Source above you, and drill through the veil to connect to it fully.

Once connected, breathe Source energy down through your central channel through the head, and out the root or the feet, and drill straight down into the planet, dissolving any blockage or darkness keeping you from connecting into Gaia. Keep pushing until she is felt in front of the light, and connect the flow.

Keep this connection from Heaven to Earth open for as long as you can, sending your love, appreciation and determination to end her suffering straight to the heart of Gaia. Let her know we are here or her and to draw as much energy from Source through us as she needs.

Do this as many times as you feel guided, or if you ever feel like you are not doing enough to help awaken the surface population. This work is more important than you will ever know, and is so beneficial for the liberation of the planet.

From my light to yours,

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