10 April 2017

Evolution of Realities: Opening of Cosmic Stargate ~ Sandra Walter ~ 8 April 2017

** I AM the intoxicating memory of Self, the sacred fire of knowledge, and the impenetrable fortress of the Heart. And so are you. **
That "stillness".....I'm glad Sandra Walter described that very surreal period that I felt as a sort of "void".

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Brilliance is unfolding in this Now moment. Phase three of the Equinox timeline shift will complete with the Full Moon on Monday (11:09pmPT).

Passages of the Cosmic Stargate were unlocked last Saturday; a truly powerful experience. Read: Seven M-class Solar flares aimed at Saturn during that passage. That is all I may share at this moment; meditate on this. We continue to work with our Higher Teams in the highest interests of Ascension.

Perhaps you noticed the stillness on Monday and Tuesday last week as three significant lower timeline trajectories collapsed. The sensation of stillness – when time stands still – is a common occurrence during Gatework. Kingdoms and elementals appear to be in complete stillness, as if the realities are on pause. When this occurs globally, much is happening on the cosmic level.

Miracles happen outside of the constraints time-space; this is why Gatekeepers train to be open conduits. In a pure state of focus during Gatework, the higher and lower realms unify to work as One. Gateways traverse the boundaries of dimensional layers and densities, so we often experience the eerie (and fun) time-has-stopped sensation. In those moments, much larger operations may do the good work.

To witness the stillness last week was to feel miracles in the making.

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  1. True.....stillness....but the word i would like to use is "deep space"

    1. Hmmm....yes, that's also what the "void" felt like....