04 April 2017

Frequencies Have Begun Separating ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 31 March 2017

Source: Jenny Schiltz

Energy update & Quan Yin Channeling
The word of the day to describe our current times is discombobulated; meaning this energy can be confusing, disconcerting and often frustrating. Many simply feel all over the place – one moment is full of the most incredible bliss and the next moment comes uncertainty and anxiety. The lack of rhythm with this energy has made it a challenge to write about as it changes so quickly. I am going to do my best to summarize what is taking place.

Memories & Emotions Rising
Whether it is through dreams or brief moments of a memory arising, all is coming to the surface. The intensity of this depends on where you are in your process. For some of us it can be the first time we’ve really seen into our depths, felt the sadness and rage. Honor these feelings, allow them to have a voice no matter how ugly they may seem. For others, it’s allowing us to peel back more layers, forgiving and loving ourselves more and more. For myself and some of my clients, the universe has orchestrated events that have showed us where we still have deep hidden wounds even with all the inner work we have done so that we can finally release them. The good news is that we now have the tools to do just that. I asked my guides how to handle the emotions that are rising and was told very clearly that I have a choice I can go into the emotions and relive them or I can choose to see from a higher perspective and let go any sense of wrong doing I feel. It is understanding that being able to see the bigger picture (as much as we can) allows us to walk completely from duality & victimhood to pure personal power; a must for complete soul embodiment.

I was talking with Quan Yin about how so many are drowning in the waves of emotions, unable to keep their heads above water. She said so clearly that “at times one must drown in order to find what makes them breathe” and she reminded me of times I too was drowning, holding on to things that didn’t serve for whatever reason and how much I grew after I released them. The point here is that if you are finding yourself submerged in the emotions and negativity of this world, change your focus and find what makes you breathe, what makes your heart sing. We can get lost in the depth of the releasing taking place on this planet and that takes us off course from our true mission which is to merge with our soul.

Physically & Energetically
Wow, just wow. I find myself waffling between these bursts of inspiration and just wanting to sit and stare at the wall.  With the amount of light increasing on the planet in each moment we are being challenged in so many ways. Many are experiencing increased ascension symptoms such as stomach upset, exhaustion, insomnia, and a resurging of old injuries. Where ever your weak spot is, for me it is my back, it may be acting up. The nervous system for many people is on over drive as it responds to the increased light. This sense of tired but wired can cause fair ups in those with autoimmune and other chronic conditions.

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