30 April 2017

How Sacred Sites Can Help Us Stay Balanced and Centered During Intense Times ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 29 April 2017

Source: Aluna Joy

After all these years of traveling to many of the world's sacred sites, I still forget how healing sacred sites can be. We are becoming more and more sensitive to discordant energy as we wake up. This is part of the divine plan. If we were not sensitive to energy that is out of balance, we would never know what needs to be cleared out of us, our community, our governments and our planet.

I was reminded yet again, this Earth Day weekend, of the healing properties of sacred sites, especially those sites that are off grid and remote. Here in Sedona the weather was beautiful, flowers and cactus were blooming, and we noticed an influx of some beautiful birds that we hadn't seen in a while. There was certainly magic in the air; BUT the extended, nearly 48 hour long, geomagnetic storm, which was amplified by a huge meteor fly by and heavy hitting astrology, was really making me exhausted. I could hardly keep my eyes open. We had a couple of dear friends in town for a visit. So I pushed past my exhaustion, and took them out to one of my very favorite places in Sedona. This area is so remote that there is no cell phone signal. I thought that I was never going to make the walk, because I felt so tired. Once we got out on the land and into the sacred energy, I felt renewed.

Even when geomagnetic storms trigger us to wake up (including solar flares and a multitude of other triggers), some days we could really use a break. Our soul and body scream for some restoring and healing from all the hard work that we have been doing. We all have acquired a hefty arsenal of spiritual tools that are helping us adjust to the increasingly condensing energy in this past year. But sometimes it isn't enough these days.

So why do sacred sites make us feel better?

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