04 April 2017

Kids Who Don't Want to Eat Meat ~ Videos

** Notice: This post is meant for vegan/vegetarian readers,
although all are welcome :)  **

You'd probably have seen these before ~ kids who are adamant about what they instinctively feel should be considered "food".

(the part where she asks if fish is an animal.....amazing!)

"I Don't Like that They Chop Animal People Up"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMgJYQgYS24(very smart father)

"Would You Like It If Someone Ate You?"
(she has such a wise perspective on Santa)

"Please Leave the Chicken Alone!"
(this one tugged real hard at my heartstrings)

"I Like Them to be Standing Up and Happy"
(what a lesson to learn from this kid!)

(smart adults)

"You Can't Do That!"
(it must be difficult when they find out what their food was)

"If You Slaughter Her, I Will Cut My Hand"
(game, set and match to the kids)

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