30 April 2017

LiAhRa: Galactic History of Starseed Soulstreams on Earth - 27 September 2016

This came out on 27 September 2016, and many of you may have already listened to it. LiAhRa is a new source to me, and it took me a couple of days to finish this two-hour interview as I had to listen to it in segments.

There were lots of interesting things covered from LiAhRa's perspective, although I don't necessarily resonate with everything. For those who haven't seen this, the  video is available here, accompanied by an extensive description. LiAhRa comes on about the 4th-minute.

My own sketchy notes are below, they don't cover everything discussed.

  • 4D is an artificial construct, and we will have to pass through it to get to 5D. There's an energetic "compression breakthrough" (from "above" and "below") to dissolve 4D 
  • Mother Earth is fine (I absolutely agree with this ~ she's already well on her Ascension journey, it's us that needs to catch up), we'll ultimately merge with her higher frequency etheric overlay. Incorporeal Souls who are ready are already being taken there (I assume those who have passed on from this lifetime)
  • The negative "virus" here needs to be re-programmed. A reboot is required before the new OS can operate
  • Dark aspects of ourselves enable darkness to persist
  • We are like children here and need to learn a different way; similarly, the dark do what they do because that's all they know
  • Galactic wars being fought on 4D realm
  • 33% are original Earth Humans, each awakened Lightworker can create a higher resonance field 33 miles across that will eventually overlap with each other and harmonise global consciousness. This would propel us out of 4D (interesting "33" connections)
  • There are back-up plans to back-up plans to back-up plans
  • Nostradamus, biblical Revelations etc....these have already played out on some timeline
  • Several species going through their own timelines and Ascension; the situation on Earth is very complicated with multi-dimensional races, multi-consciousness streams and multi-Source aspects all here at the moment. This is unique, and it's never been done before
  • This means that we've all got different memories of how things play out (so many different versions due to this immense diversity of beings from various origins and timelines)
  • LiAhRa refers to the Cymatic experiments with sand and sound frequencies ~ we're now forming a new "pattern" because of increasing vibrations. Once our collective frequency is sufficiently high, our "pattern" will shift into the next octave and push us into 5D
  • Andromedan and Pegasus galaxies are fully ready to ascend, but have to wait until our Planet is ready ~ we are holding them up, as well as our own galaxy. Once our Planet ascends, the three galaxies will ascend and form a Super Galaxy. We are the last cog in the wheel to get past the finish line
  • USA is micro to the Planet, which is in turn a micro to the Galaxy. Many migrants from all over the world learning to live together in USA
  • Nibiru ~ some people believe in it and will create the experience (I assume LiAhRa is referring the the negative connotation with Nibiru; however, there are some who believe that Nibiru will bring about sudden and positive transformations, while others don't believe it exists)
  • Agartha ~ assisting us in our efforts because there's not enough of us to get the "job" done
  • LiAhRa supports Corey Goode's information about the honeycombed interior; she clarifies that there are different "bands" of consciousness in different sections of Inner Earth
  • Agartha and Telos ~ they have protective "bubble" around their dimensional realms. (LiAhRa also confirms what we've been told for a long time now ~ that they are waiting for us to increase sufficiently in consciousness so that they can resurface)
  • Vortex: spinning column of energies, not a travel device
  • Portal: Travel device to move around planet and galaxy
  • Stargate: Inter-galactic travel; it's frequency-specific ~ one can only go through if the frequency is a match.


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