14 April 2017

Return of the Primordial Luminosity And The Power Of The Tibetan A (THE RISE OF A) PART 2 - Lisa Rising Berry - 13 April 2017

Source: Rising Frequencies

This article is a continuation to the the one I wrote yesterday. I would like to discuss why it’s important to work with the Ah symbol, and give some tips and information on how to do so. But first things first. I need to discuss why we should we do a spiritual practice while in our physical bodies to begin with? This business of sitting on a meditation cushion while chanting, staring at symbols, and meditating can be weird for Westerners because we live in a different culture. Many in our Western society will do a basic meditation where they attempt to remove thought. But, that is normally as far as it goes, and most will see some reduction of stress, but not much spiritual progress will be made. In order to make real spiritual advancement, we need to engage in tantric practices which involve self transformation. Or in Hermetic language inner alchemy.

In many Western spiritual communities there is the belief that we are already All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All Self Realized beings living in physical bodies. So, there is no need for any deep time consuming spiritual practice. The idea that I already have everything I need within me, so I don’t need to do anything, and I certainly don’t need a teacher to guide me, has taken over people’s subconscious minds and is leaving them in the continuation of suffering. It is obvious that this method of belief is not working. If it was then they would be balanced, happy and manifesting what they want, instead of constantly trying to avoid negativity, instead of transforming and embracing whatever life throws at them. Do we have all we need inside? Yes. Have people connected to it and are they living it? No. This is being fully self realized and is the highest attainment of the rainbow body. If someone outwardly tells you they are a fully self-realized being, then they are lying. Those that have this level of achievement don’t tell anyone. They have transcended the need to discuss what they have worked very hard for.

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