13 April 2017

New Earth Nation Free Energy Generator

I'm no expert, but to me it's technically not "free" energy, more of "super-amplified".....but hey, this is definitely a massive leap forward in the dangerous world of free energy! An added plus is that it can be 3D-printed.

Please visit the New Earth Nation fb page for a 1-minute video. You can view a longer video here which shows the unit actually working, complete with measurements. Apologies to those without fb ~ I'm unable to locate another source of the video for you to view. All I could find is this. However, this device was shown during the closing ceremony, which you can view here (around the 52-minute mark).

Source: New Earth Nation

New Earth Nation has made a historical announcement regarding a FREE ENERGY Generator called QT-PI.

It consists of 2 copper coils and a high frequency generator, which creates a magnetic vortex. It Plugs into your standard electricity output, which gets amplified over 300-400%. That’s enough power to run your average house appliances such as, lights, air conditioners, water heaters and cooking appliances. All the materials are completely off the shelf, using copper and a 3D Printer. 

The wheels are being set into motion to 3D Print larger quantities and create bigger power objectives. Market entry with governments are already in process of negotiations, and are helping to get it out to the people.

This technology has the potential to end war, disease and poverty.