17 April 2017

Out Of Phase

Erial Ali
It's taken me well over a week to get to this, but after sharing a small bit of it with a couple of Divine Souls, and after Stephanie South's update (just posted), I feel more "ready" to write about it. And the usual read-with-inner-guidance thing applies :)

To start off, I'll refer to the following Schumann chart (which I posted here):

I used the term "out-of-phase" to describe that anomalous bit of reading, like it's been plucked out of another chart and inserted into this one.

"Out-of-phase".....that is precisely how I've felt for over a week now. That term came to me only when I saw the chart. Before that, I was struggling to find appropriate words to describe this feeling that goes very deep.

So, instead of trying to explain it myself, I thought I would enlist the help of Star Trek.

From Scifi Stackexchange
"Out of phase, from a physics perspective,
means you have two waves that are not in sync."

Scifi Stackexchange

I also remember this being demonstrated in the episode The Next Phase (TNG).

In effect, the outer world feels increasingly unnatural (anti-Creation) and "unnecessary". It's also getting harder to tune into or participate in seemingly "normal" things, like having a conversation with family or friends about "daily life". It's like they are in a different reality and I'm having difficulty "reaching" them. Life "out there" seems like it's slowly tuning out.

Of course, we know that the lower "reality" is deconstructing itself, so generally speaking, what I'm feeling isn't so surprising. However, I believe that there's another element that's making its presence felt now, and it requires some attention.

The healing of the Atlantean Timeline is something many speak about, and we're still going through that as global events play out, oftentimes mirrored by individual experiences. There's also the Lemurian Timeline that requires healing, and while this isn't as prevalently made known as the Atlantean one, it nevertheless requires resolution by individuals as many lives were lost in this cataclysm as well.

Then there's the Lyran Invasion, Timeline Genocides, obliteration of Maldek, and all the Galactic Battles that resulted in violent and sudden deaths for countless Souls throughout the eons of Time. Many of these atrocities resulted in Soul fragmentation, distortion or displacement. The effects were negative for ALL. I feel that Time "pockets" were inadvertently (or intentionally) created, rendering many Timelines being out-of-synch with each other and hampering efforts to heal them (or the Souls).

This is the additional element that I believe is contributing to the "out-of-phase" feeling. I'm suggesting that, as more and more remedial measures are being taken by Higher Beings to heal or "smoothen out" these timelines, we're experiencing the outcomes now, in our current reality. There's temporal distortion as things are "untangled" (it's interesting that word was used by Stephanie South in her recent article) and each of us feels this differently, I'm sure.

Following my Higher Guidance, I'm turning to "tools" to help me find my "footing", so to speak. This "out-of-phase" feeling means I have nowhere to "land" (and no, it's not related to grounding). What is helping me tremendously is re-listening to Judy Satori's "Song of Lyra". I've always liked that collection of transmissions, but haven't listened to it in a long time. I play it as often as I can now, and it's very beneficial because I can "plug into" that "realm", at least for a while.

I also feel very drawn towards some of Erial Ali's artwork, like these below and the main image above. I find great comfort and joy when viewing them, grateful thanks to Erial Ali:

Just a reminder that this is a spiritual evolution we're going through. The solutions will always be spiritual. And again, I'm so pleased that this same thing was mentioned by Stephanie South:

"There is a 3rd Way through the “narrow Gate” it is yet undisclosed, it is ultimately supernatural in essence and will be required as it flows through us. There is no human solution to this current state.
It is true that at the current level of thinking, there is no human solution to the multiple crisis on our planet. But maybe that is the point."

A huge leap in the Collective Consciousness is what's ultimately required....hence the Cosmic Pulse/Flash/Wave and the ensuing Cosmic Reset.

Strangely enough, now that I've written this, I'm feeling a sense of relief! Maybe this is a good place to stop :)

Namaste and Blessings!

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