25 April 2017

Parallel Timelines in Play ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 24 April 2017

Source: Meg Benedicte

During the month of April we experienced 5 planets traveling reverse or retrograde, creating an intense review process into the depths of the human psyche. This has brought up many questions regarding the realm of truth and non-truth, or as we call it ‘fake news’. I’ve read multiple articles/posts from a variety of perspectives on this very subject. It has been very revealing!

First let’s see if we can all agree on a basic universal principle – we live in a holographic universe of infinite timelines and planes of existence. Within an established timeline exists infinite storylines or sub-holograms that complete the whole. For example: we all agree we live in a current Earth timeline that hosts a variety of sub-holograms of differing races, religions, politics, languages, lifestyles, etc.

Let’s extrapolate this further…we exist in a chosen holographic reality available within what our mind can access. Some can only access what their parents/ancestral lineage provides. Others can access beyond the limitations of their birth family, into a vast array of parallel holograms they were exposed to during their development. And then there are others who break the barrier of Earth’s timeline and access infinite universal timelines of infinite possibilities and outcomes.

Those who are stuck in limited holograms can be fed ‘fake news’ and believe it to be truth. When the universal mind is blocked, they only rely on the 5 physical senses and their emotional feelings. It doesn’t matter how much you explain to them what exists in the vast universe, their mind cannot conceive it to be true.

This leads us to the current crisis at hand, large swaths of civilians who lead their lives in diminished, limited holographic realities. They are easily manipulated by the puppet masters in control. They have very little if any access to their intuitive, psychic, multi-dimensional right brain capacity. We refer to them as the ‘unawakened’.

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  1. Hi. I just would like to point out. The concept of "fake news" was introduced in reference to all sites that are providing real news, news which has not been sanitized and then vetted by corporate elite. The very allowance and discussion of the concept of "fake news" as described by the elite is not acceptable. I believe we should not talk about fake news, and not bring it into our reality, because this is something promulgated by the elite, and we must dissolve it out of our reality.

    1. I get your point, Bob. Perhaps you could write to the author of the article herself? Blessings :)