11 April 2017

Peace Meditation Update ~ Cobra ~ 10 April 2017

The momentum continues to build! And the Light Forces are cheering us on!

See you in a few hours.....we'll get this done :)

Please read Cobra's encouragement here.


  1. That was the most intense meditation I've ever done... The colors and visuals I was seeing was beyond words and then the feeling... A few times I had to catch my breathe because it took it away... in a good way. Wow is all I can say and I'm terrible at meditating because my mind is pretty active but I asked for guidance, stated my intention and held one of my fluorite crystal skulls and it was on!

    Interesting to note, I keep seeing this Dragon rising out of the ground in these meditations for the middle east. It's HUGE!!! Like.. covering the whole middle east region huge and it comes out of the ground in what looks like a spirit form(not solid, more energy). In previous times it has always been like a fire dragon or orange in color and it seemed pissed. This time it was purple!!! I have no idea what this means or where this dragon is coming from.. But this thing is blasting violet flames across the region and it was bad ass!

    Anyway, there's no doubt something positive went down. I'm pretty sure we did it again, but I'll wait for the results from Cobra!

    Thanks, Grace!

    1. Ooh, good job and well done, Justin! Your experience is amazing....purple....no doubt the Purple Dragon was meant to purify the region. Omigoddess I'm getting Soul-bumps!!

      I checked Cobra's site about an hour after our meditation (just in case....) and it was down. My blog went down, too so I guess Blogger quit on us for a while.

      Thank YOU, Justin :) Many Blessings

  2. Thank you!

    I'm glad to share my experience and even more glad that it resonated with you!! It was intense for me even while it was a short (20 mins) meditation. I truly made the experience sacred and I guess things were revealed to me in that way.

    I also noticed it was going down with a 503 error. Probably a lot of people connecting to find out what happened! :D

    Thanks again, Grace! Much love!

  3. I saw a wide Violet clean Sky....it rises from a black hole type black round and black removed step by step at first as Violet appears as this round sky.... At the end there is only only the pure Violet Sky which cleaned from black....and Sky itself expanded as Violet only as lost its round shape

    1. So encouraging!! May we receive positive news about the situation soon, Blessings :)