23 April 2017

Peace Reigns in the World Event 23 April 2017 - Gabriel Raio Lunar

Let's set this intention all around the world....

Peace reigns in the world!

Source: Disclosure News Italia

We invite all, Star Seeds, Beloved Masters in human body, anyone, for a Movement for Peace!

Sunday, April 23, when you wake up, no matter what time it is, take a deep breath and say with all the energy of your heart:
Peace Reigns In The World!

It’s something seemingly simple, that if massively implemented, will cause a powerful wave of energy that reverberates throughout the whole Planet.

We have until Sunday 23 to share on social networks, talk to friends, relatives, colleagues, spread this movement. No specific faith is necessary in what is published on our website or social networks to join. Just be willing for PEACE.

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