20 April 2017

Physics - Spirituality Dictionary

Thank you to Elizabeth Trutwin for posting this.

It has been said that each every atom is, in itself, a black hole. Each of us is also a mini-singularity. As above, so below.....Creation's Fractal.

Gravitation = Love
Electromagnetism = Light
Implosion = Meditation
Expansion = Expression
Polarity = Yin Yang
Spin = Manifestation
Space = Akashic Records 
Vacuum Energy = Prana, Chi
Holographic = Omnipresent
Fractal = As Above So Below
Fractal Feedback = Karma
Particle (latin pater) = Father, Masculine
Matrix (latin mater) = Mother, Feminine
Event Horizon = Continuous Creation
Black Hole = Heart
Vortex = Chakra
Equilibrium = Enlightenment
ॐ = mc²
Singularity = God

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