27 April 2017

Plenary Submissions are in Order ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 April 2017

Being no expert in languages, this is just a guess at best, and apologies to those who speak German :)

From what I can gather, "farben" is "to colour/dye". The "heit" turns this into a noun, so perhaps we are "being coloured" with the new rays/energies? I'm thinking that the sentence following that is related, i.e. the "melanomas are dissolved" have a connection. Maybe some negative condition is being resolved by these "Farbenheits", and we are becoming more Cosmic in nature? Something to do with our genetically distorted "race" (Human Race) and now we are being healed back to our Divine Blueprint of the Human Template.

Source: Gaia Portal

Plenary submissions are in order.
Farbenheits have entered.
Melanomas are dissolved.
Star BEings unfold.

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