14 April 2017

Return of the Primordial Luminosity And The Power Of The Tibetan A (THE RISE OF A) - Lisa Rising Berry - 12 April 2017

EMAHO indeed!!

Source: Rising Frequencies

It has been a long time since I wrote my last article. I always like to wait for many physical experiences to occur in my daily life to back up the clairvoyant information I receive. It seems like it always happens all at once for me. All or nothing! In addition to “seeing” new information I found clarity in old experiences that I had many years ago. One of my most profound experiences I had was in May of 2103. I wrote it down….THE RISE OF A. I had other experiences over the last few years, and since I didn’t know what they meant I forgot about them on purpose. I “knew” in my heart that when the time was appropriate, I would see the meaning. The time is now, and it’s interesting because my past experiences all happened around this exact time of year. I hope this article flows nicely, it is long and has many layers to it. I have a lot of new information to tie in with old visions that I now understand.

This paper is further explanations and updates on the subject of the 5th Element. I wrote my first article on this topic 3 years ago, and my personal experiences and knowledge has grown a bit since then. In 2014 when I first wrote about the 5th Element, I knew it was called many names, Aether being the main one. In Western culture Aether (æther) was recognized as the 5th Element by Aristotle.

However, this information was known in the Tibetan Bon tradition 18,000 years ago. The element of æther is a combination of emptiness, (like the sky) and clear light, (like the sun). When you look at the Western name æther, which is how it was written in Aristotle’s time you will notice that the a and e are touching. They are connected yet separate at the same time. If you combine these two letters they will make a 8. This is the energy of infinity in the correct sense. The sideways symbol of infinity is closed, and energetically this has shifted a few years ago, as discussed in several of my previous articles. When you untwist the infinity symbol you have a 0. The zero is empty, and is one half of the meaning of Aether. The other half is when the 0 is twisted and becomes the infinity symbol. This is primordial luminosity, clear light, never ending, born from the dark vastness of empty space. Infinity is everything and nothing at the same time, it is all and nothing combined.

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