11 April 2017

Quick Sharing

Thought I would do a very quick sharing of what happened with regard to the Peace Meditation. This is my experience only and may not have any significant meaning at all. OK, caveat done :)

I had planned to do a little meditation of my own for the region before the Group Meditation, so I prepared early with some frankincense incense (frank-incense!). I was feeling headachey but very determined to proceed. After I did my own little thing, I got ready for the Group Meditation. I had barely started, and the next thing I knew, I woke up from a very deep sleep and twenty minutes had passed!

It started raining, with loud rumbling and lightning. It's still pouring now, more than two hours after the meditation! The lightning is so intense and the thunder really loud, but the strange thing is that for all that level of ferocity, the volume of rain coming down isn't that much at all.

And oh, my headache cleared! I feel great now :)

One last thing ~ I checked Cobra's site about an hour after the meditation, just to see if he had posted anything. His site was down, and so was mine. Blogger was out for a while.

Thank you all for joining in this meditation.....I had asked a friend (who is such wonderful Soul) just an hour before the meditation was about to start if he would join in. He's religious and Muggle, so I just asked if he would take a moment and pray for peace in Syria. After 10 minutes, he got back to me and said that he had already gotten 32 friends to do the same! And he had asked them to pass along the request!! Absolutely FABULOUS!!!

Namaste and Blessings!

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