10 April 2017

Rare Pink Moon During Libra: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On April 11, 2017 ~ Sun Gazing ~ 10 April 2017

Source: Sun Gazing

A beautiful full moon will soon be lighting up the night sky on this coming Tuesday the eleventh. The April full pink moon in Libra is set to stun, but not because of what you’re likely assuming, but rather due to the cosmic shift in energy that will be accompanying it.

While it’s called a pink moon, don’t expect to gaze up at an actual pink colored disc in the sky because the name doesn’t come from the color of it. Instead, the moniker stems from beautiful, vibrant, pink-colored wildflowers called ground Phlox that are among the first to blossom around this time every spring. As with almost all of the other full moon names, like June’s Full Strawberry moon and September’s Full Corn moon, they were derived from seasonal occurrences that Native American’s observed happening in nature around them when the moon was at its fullest point.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, full moons seem to have some of the strangest effects on our lives. It’s no secret that a full moon brings out the crazy in people, hence the word lunatic which was originally used by ancient Greeks to refer to madness and epilepsy that they believed were specifically caused by the moon. For years police, doctors, and nurses have all noticed a sharp uptick in crime and a rise in hospital emergency room visits on nights featuring full moons. There is simply something about them that gets to people, but it isn’t always negative, it’s just that the bad tends to stick out more than the good, as is often the case.

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