21 April 2017

Free Viewing: 48 Hours ~ Solar Revolution ~ Dieter Broers

"I am convinced that a change will come about in 2012, but the question is.....
When is 2012?"      Dieter Broers

I have referenced this movie several times in this blog, and have just discovered that it's on Gaia TV.....which means I can gift it yay!!

So if you haven't yet watched it, just click here. Free to view for 48 hours from first click.

Dieter Broers' movie website is here.

And I know I've also mentioned this repeatedly, but I can't feature Solar Revolution without mentioning the scientific link to the frog-and-salamander experiment, courtersy of Dr Pjotr Garajajev (Peter Gariaev) and Vladimir Poponin. Our beautiful Sun is carrying the transformational codes, acting like the laser light in the experiment, which then creates the transmutational changes in our DNA.

Isn't that Divinely and quintessentially elegant? 💖

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