03 April 2017

Spring Attunement: Global Activations April 15th ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 1 April 2017

Source: Meg Benedicte

It has been an intense period of adjustment due to the powerful Equinox upgrades that blasted earth’s atmosphere on March 20th. The incoming gamma radiation pulsing from the Galactic vortex ignites a frequency up-shift on all levels – ranging from higher mental awareness to excitation in cellular particles of protons and electrons. This increase in crystallized Light not only alters your own bio-field but also the planetary geo-magnetic field in ways we’re only beginning to understand.

There seems to be an unraveling of corrupted, discordant timelines or realities that can no longer anchor to Gaia’s gridwork. This may appear around you as closing doors, disappearing situations, relationships ending and diminishing challenges. As Gaia continues to embody 5th dimensional energies, the lower vibratory systems lose power and drop away.

Since the Equinox, I’ve been hearing Spirit call this the ‘Time of Reckoning’. Not so much in the biblical sense, but more like a balancing reset of consequences and resolutions.  Due to the Matrix of entrapment, all souls who enter the earth plane have been caught in the incarnation cycle, unable to return to Source. The clockwise spiral motion condenses energy into physical atomic particles of matter and the ‘gravitational’ time-drag. The continual recycling of souls in earth’s astral plane has devolved humanity into a slave race.

The call went out for advanced Light Warriors to travel to Gaia and liberate lost souls in a Cosmic Ascension. The ‘Reckoning’ is unlocking entrenched codes, consciousness and enslavement programs. Now that the global Matrix is decomposing, the portals and pathways to Source are now open.

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