27 April 2017

Support for Mother Gaia ~ Message from Light Forces ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 26 April 2017

Much Love to our beautiful Mother....heightened activity is already occurring quake-wise. There's also an interesting (but confusing) report from BP Earth Watch regarding a cluster of asteroids passing (or have passed) near Earth.

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Message from The Light Forces

Support to Mother Gaia – Message from The Light Forces

The Light Forces have requested that as many people as possible send their positive vibrations to the San Andreas Fault and the entire Ring of Fire. This is not to generate fear, but only to support our beloved Mother Gaia who is going through a process of cliansing the old energies. As many as possible, men and women, girls and boys, sending all your loving support to our Mother Gaia.

“Dear Mother, We Are Here To Support You In This Transformation.
With You With All”

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